Duct Cleaning in Toronto (416-907-9497)

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User: cleanair
Location: 138 Oakwood AVE, Toronto [map]
Phone: 416-907-9497
Website: http://www.completecleanair.com


COMPLETE CLEAN AIR SOLUTIONS has been a recognized name in the DUCT CLEANING industry . COMPLETE CLEANAIR SOLUTIONS carry a range of DUCT CLEANING SERVICE. The COMPLETE CLEANAIR SOLUTIONS range includes Dryer Interior Cleaning | Air Duct Cleaning | Furnace Cleaning | Filter Replacement | HVAC Cleaning | Filter Installation | Kitchen Vent Cleaning | Bathroom Vent Cleaning | Dryer Vent Cleaning | Chimney Cleaning | Central Vacuum Cleaning | Dryer Duct Cleaning High Rise Condominium Building | Electrostatic Filter Installation | Humidifier Installation. COMPLETE CLEANAIR SOLUTIONS PROVIDING GOOD QUALITY SERVICE CHEAP RATES AND $50 OFFER IN DUCT CLEANING to suit every budget.


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