QuadTron Electric Skateboard

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Location: ALBERTA,CANADA, Alberta [map]
Phone: 8003775409

An All-Terrain Electric Skateboard
The various terrains won’t stop you from taking this amazing all-terrain electric skateboard anywhere, so whatever the surface is, your thrilling skateboard experience will continue, this beast goes just about anywhere.
Remote control system
This automated skateboard is controlled by a wireless remote. Our motorized skateboards are made from smart technology that monitors the speed through a remote sensor. In addition to it, the rider can stop using the smart electric braking system.
With a flick of a switch on the remote, this motorized skateboard can be transferred from 4 wheel drive to 2 wheel drive instantly.We have also integrated a cruise control system , to give the fingers a rest on the controller. The skateboard of the future is here right now.
Best build quality
Our electric skateboards are made from aircraft-grade materials and your safety is our first priority, making it solid and reliable for all. The Quadtron is also fitted with state of the art spring suspension system that provides a comfortable smooth ride. The first of its kind to go where no skateboard has gone before.

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