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Wanted: Dogsitter

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Hi there! I am looking for an elderly person or couple who would benefit from watching my dog while I'm at work. He is house-trained and does not chew on furniture or shoes or socks. He has severe anxiety disorder and I would love if someone could keep him company. He is small (10lbs) and cute as a button (see for yourself in the attached pic). He is very clean, always nicely groomed. He is a total sweetheart but it breaks my heart that I have to leave him alone for 9 hours/day when I'm working. While I couldn't afford to pay the person, I could certainly do other things such as grocery shopping or cleaning! I am hoping that he could do some good for some sweet person or couple and I'm also hoping that I could do good for them as well even more so since they will be taking care of my best friend. I would certainly drop him off and pick him up. I live in downtown Brampton and so it would be great if the lucky sitters were in this area although I would definitely be willing to make a longer trek if needed. Please, please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions! Have a great day!

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