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cave of destiny (short novel)

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The wise ones spoke of the cave of destiny. A place where people unsure of who they where would go to find their path in life. They said in this cave time was not an option and that any who entered would never leave the same and the only way you would leave is to become the heart and soul of the true person you are destined to become. The legend goes that once four really good friends, unsure if they belong entered this cave and only 2 made it out before the cave vanished forever. They say only those two teens know what happened in that cave but they’re wrong!
My name is Melvin. I was a Watcher of Destiny. I only had one job in life and that was to watch over the chosen ones and keep records of their journey before they entered the cave and their journey in the cave. With only one rule, never to interfere in their journey or speak to anyone about it, but I think it’s time people hear the true story of the cave of destiny.

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